February 1st. The day has come. Finally.

For those of you that don't want to read through the post to get the links, you can order the ebook The Clouds Aren't White here and you can also purchase the paperback here.

Although the book has been on pre-order for about three weeks now, I feel as though today is the real day. 

Its hard separate yourself, as an author, out from the sales and numbers and royalties of your books. But it has never been the case that the best and greatest art is that which gets the most recognition. As an author, I want to craft a story that readers will enjoy reading, where they will find commonality with the characters, and leave the book as different people. 

As exciting as this last month has been, it has been filled with challenges. I am new to the marketing and promotion game. I am not a sales person. In the last few weeks I’ve often lamented the fact that I can’t hire a social media manager, a PR person, and a marketing team. It would greatly help with the pressure I put myself under to sell books. 

The reality is that I don’t have a team of people with specialized skills out there promoting my books. Just me and my brain. So if you, dear reader, are in the same position, keep your head up. Be proud of what you have written. Be joyful that you did what so many others have not, you have a published book. 

The most important lesson I have learned throughout the last year and a half of writing and editing and editing until I hated the book, is Not Today. Don’t give up today. Don’t throw it away, not today.