So, you want to write a book. Maybe you've been mulling the idea around in your brain for years or maybe the fancy has just hit you. Either way, you want to write a book. Perhaps you're worried about time commitments or you are frightened. Both are completely normal. 

You need to write that book. And here's why:

1. Your characters will kill you: Ok I'm only partially kidding. What's far more likely to happen is that the idea for the book will fester like rotting fruit. Don't you love that visual? You will forever be thinking and pondering the story, the lives, the ending. If you write the book, they will have a life beyond your own thoughts.

2. Writing is Good for your Brain: Beyond the "your characters will kill you" part, is the wondrous benefits that writing does for your mind. Just like social interaction with friends keeps you happy and healthy so does writing, keeping the preverbal "mental rust" from forming.

3. The Time Will Pass Anyways: For me, writing is my passion, and publishing a novel was my dream. Months and years will pass you by and you are ever unable to stop them. Write because you are getting older, because your dreams are not meant to be put on hold. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. (Not my quote...)

4. The World Needs Your Book: Its actually quite cliche in the writing world, but stories are balm for our souls and nourishment for our minds. I am a firm believer that creativity should never be shut away, and most especially not by the person themselves. Creativity is meant to be seen and enjoyed so that another generation can be inspired. Creativity is never depleted in the sharing, it is forever multiplied.

5. Oh the Places You'll Go: This one is multi-faceted. There is so much to learn when writing a book. Your mind is forever expanding with ideas, new information, and people. Beyond the joyous corners and hidden places of your book's setting, you will meet people along the way that will encourage you. Those people will become a second family. Your writing family. I am convinced there are no better people than those that write.

6. Write For Posterity: Some day the second generation will come to your family. It may be in the form of your children, or nieces and nephews, or your friend's children, or your neighbors'. But one day those children will be old enough to read and will want to read your story. Make sure it is there for them. 

7. Write For You: For everyone who has ever had a dream, a dream tucked away in the private back corner of their brain, worried that they will be laughed out of the room for it...write the book. Life is too short to worry about what anyone else thinks. You want to write a book. You can see it in your mind, the moment the book is shipped to your door and you hold it in your hand. Do it for you. Write because you want it. Because you need it.

Ok now are you good and warmed up? Next week....7 Ways to Actually Write That Book.