Ok, so we are branching out a bit today from writing, because we all have to get dressed in the morning, go to work, find something decent for date nights, etc. I believe clothing can truly make or break your day. If you hate how you look, don't feel comfortable, or are wearing the same thing day in and day out you don't have a chance to shine.

Luckily its not too difficult to cultivate a wardrobe that's interesting, diverse, and inexpensive because #styledoesnthavetobeexpensive.

Tip #1: Don't follow trends. Not only is this a waste of money and time but you'll only wear the piece for a season before its out of style and soon relegated to the back of your closet where its taking up real estate. 

Tip #2: Curate pieces that speak to you. Style and the perfect wardrobe really come down to knowing who you are, what looks good on your body, and how to accessorize. Create a list on your phone of pieces you'd really like to add to your wardrobe, pieces that you love, and when you're shopping bring it out. Make sure what you're buying is something that you really need.

Tip #3: Basics. Basics. Basics. There's nothing worse (clothing-wise) than not having the perfect layering tee to put under that adorable new blazer you just bought. Make sure you have the basics: slim black trousers, white tee, black tee, grey tee (long and short sleeve), dark jeans, nude heels, black heels, LBD, white camisole, black camisole. You get my drift. Neutral colors here.

Tip #4: Layer and accessorize. This goes back to #3, but honestly, the best thing for your wardrobe and to stay current is to layer. Layer a blazer over a shirt, layer necklaces. Accessorize with scarves, statement jewelry, different shoes.

Tip #5: Have a uniform. No I don't mean flashbacks to your school days or brownies. My uniform: dark skinny jeans, white v-neck tee, and either white tennis shoes or black flats. Take this uniform and add to it. Add a blazer or coat, a statement necklace, heels and you've a whole other look. Don't be afraid to mix and match. 

At the end of the day you'll never have the "perfect wardrobe." I'll never have a 55 Chanel purse sitting in my wardrobe or tons of designer clothes. But it is possible to thoughtfully create a wardrobe that you love. You'll have bad days and good days but if you go about it with intention you'll never go wrong.