Hello my lovely readers.

My second novel, Lives Paris Took, is coming along nicely. I am now through chapter four with my first round of edits which means that at my current pace I will be finished with revision at the end of the month.

I am opening up the wires for all those interested in beta-reading Lives Paris Took. You can read the synopsis for the novel here

What is a beta-reader you may ask? 

A beta reader has been put on this great green earth to save writers from themselves. Beta readers are given the manuscript after a substantial edit and asked what doesn't work with the book. Their purpose is to give on the ground feedback to writers about their book, from the highs to the lows.

If you are interested in beta reading for me, send me a quick email. I will send out the PDF file on April 1st and am asking that the questionnaire form be returned no later than the end of May. 

All my gratitude in advance.