So its March. New Year's Resolutions have dropped by the wayside and we realize, once again, that changing yourself for the better is a much more difficult than writing on a slip of paper at the start of the year.

What were my resolutions? I didn't make any. I'll tell you what I did do.

I came up with my five year plan. In November I had about 75% of my first draft finished for my second book, Lives Paris Took. I also planned out (most of) the year. I wrote out the five year plan so that my dreams and aspirations don't fall by the wayside after three months. 

Writing is extremely important to me, but I also have other responsibilities in life and as my daughter is entering kindergarten this year, I want to treasure the time we have together. Laying out my plan in a reasonable and thought out way enables me to both be creative and have a social life. 

Don't get me wrong, I think resolutions can be a wonderful and useful tool-as long as they are done correctly. Take exercise or eating better for example, many of you who will make resolutions regarding health find it difficult to continue because its easy to fall off the bandwagon when there is nothing riding on your success. What would make your resolution far more effective is to have a buddy, someone who can come along and keep you accountable for your choices. 

The buddy system is perhaps the most effective way to achieve your goals. I'm apart of a great facebook group of writers who encourage each other and answer questions and make sure we are all writing.

So, if you've fallen off the bandwagon, whatever your resolution may be, consider making a spring resolution and this time find someone to share it with. After all, spring cleaning is much more fun with a friend.