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Early in the month I began a new podcast in conjunction with a group I am a part of, Mom’s Favourite Reads as well as Goylake Publishing. Mom’s Favourite Reads is home to some of the most talented authors I have ever met, but as Indie-authors they are often unheard of beyond their niche.

With the Author podcast is an opportunity to change that; to delve into the lives and minds of these authors and really get to the root of what their books represent.

In my pilot segment I interviewed Canadian author Val Tobin, author of the Valiant Chronicles, Walk-In, Injury and Gillian’s Island. Val discussed her experience with Reiki and the paranormal as well as the long-term effects of trauma and how she explores this in her books whether they be paranormal, science-fiction or romance.

If you’d like to subscribe to With the Author Podcast, it can be found on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor Podcasts.