"Its all over in a moment..."

Emmeline MacArthur is living a peaceful life when her husband is murdered and she is left alone, holding the hand of her five-year-old daughter. As the months drag by, Emmeline founders in a quiet depression, paralyzed by guilt, and tormented by hazy nightmares. She flees to Scotland, clinging to the last thread of her past. 
In the wilds of Scotland, Emmeline is confronted by more than she bargained for.  The distance does nothing to alleviate her pain.  Emmeline stumbles through the process of grief, juggling work, motherhood, in-laws, and the notion of loving another man. 
Emmeline's story is about the love which bonds a family, love which compels a mother’s sacrifice, and love which creates the becomes grief.  The Clouds Aren’t White forces the question, what if the worst were to happen?




Rachael Golike never met her great-uncle, David, but cleaning out her grandparent’s home, she stumbled across an almost thirty year old letter-unaddressed and ambiguous.

After an explosive argument in 1960 David was catapulted from Illinois to the Université de Paris, where by chance he met Gilbert a charismatic and mysterious Frenchman and began a romance with Catherine: bold, sensuous, and a born dreamer.

In 1980 his life shattered from two separate betrayals. Penniless and broken he had no other option that to return home. Though he found solace in teaching, David hoarded his secrets, until they went with him to the grave.

Lives Paris Took is a story about a real family and a love that transcended time. Straddling life and death, country boundaries, and cultural divides, it is a novel which questions responsibilities and the bonds that, once forged, are never truly broken.